The idea to make couscous on this blog came from a reader, and we owe her a huge 'thank you'. She said that she cooks couscous for her family all the time, and encouraged us to do some research. For those of you who don't know, couscous is a middle eastern dish made of tiny circular pieces of pasta. As it turns out, regular couscous is cooked by pouring boiling water over dry couscous and letting the mixture sit for just 5 minutes in a pot!
Not only is couscous easy to make, but it pairs well with many vegetables, meats, and sauces. In this case, we chose to serve couscous with a few ingredients that we foraged from the salad bar: cherry tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and chickpeas. 
Quite simply, this turned out fabulously. We have no doubt that couscous will become a regular food staple for our dorm-mates. 
1/3 C plain couscous
10 cherry tomatoes (f)
a sprinkle of raisins(f)
sliced up red onion (f)
handful raw mushrooms (f)
handful chickpeas (cooked) (f)
1. Bring kettle to a boil
2. Add water to couscous and let sit in thermos for 5 minutes
3. While the couscous is cooking, chop vegetables (or various additions)
4. Spoon cooked couscous onto plate, add vegetables, admire, then dig in!
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