The Amherst Student asked us to write another article this week! So, we decided to come up with a new recipe that is specifically tailored to Amherst students, one in which every ingredient can be foraged from our dining hall! 
Just fill up a tupperware with these delicious items, and you can make your own fantastic breakfast bars. They are perfect for those days when you are too tired to run to the dining hall for breakfast before a 9:00 am lecture. 
We hope you relish that extra hour of sleep!
Feel free to customize this with any ingredients that you happen to have on hand, for example- we threw in some chopped walnuts that were left over from our walnut fudge. 
2/3 cup granola (f)
1/3 cup corn flakes (f)
1/4 cup dried raisins/cranberries (f)
1/4 cup walnuts  (optional)
4 teaspoons butter (f)
4 tablespoons peanut butter (f)
1 tablespoon sugar (f)
 1. Mix granola, corn flakes, dried fruit, and chopped walnuts in small bowl
2.  Melt butter in bowl of double boiler
3. Add peanut butter and sugar to melted butter, stir over heat until smooth
4. Mix liquid with dry ingredients until just combined
5. Press firmly into a square Tupperware lined with aluminum foil
6. Refrigerate overnight
7. Separate hardened granola from aluminum foil and cut into bars

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