The genius who created oreos should be given a medal. Honestly, do you know anyone who genuinely dislikes those chocolate, creamy sandwich cookies? Especially since there are so many varieties: vanilla oreos, inside-out oreos, double-stuffed oreos, not to mention all of the knock-off versions (like our preferred brand: JoJo's from Trader Joe's.)
Oreos are not only delicious, but quite useful for baking. They can be blended in a food processor and used to make a chocolate cheesecake crust (check it out with our ice cream pie), dipped in peanut butter like the movie Parent Trap, or mashed up with cream cheese to make oreo truffles!
Oreo truffles are tiny bites of perfection. Just imagine the tang of cream cheese frosting mixed with sweet chocolate flavors, combined with the crunchy texture of the oreo crumbs...
Actually, don't imagine anything. Make your own! These truffles are super easy, fast, and simple. Go for it!
12 oreo cookies (any brand of sandwich cookies will work)
5 tablespoons cream cheese (f)
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1. Mash oreos in large bowl
2. Mix in cream cheese until combined
3. Form into 8 balls, refrigerate 15 mins
4. Melt chocolate over double boiler
5. Dip balls in chocolate, refrigerate 30 mins or until chocolate coating has hardened
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i actually passed out when i saw this! good choice wifey!!!!!! <3 Shireen

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