Most people have a few staple food items in their dorm rooms, like chocolate bars, peanut butter, and chocolate-hazelnut spread. We are no different. It seems only natural that our kettle double boiler should be used to create a delicious treat that combines all three flavors.
This masterpiece is modeled after a standard peanut butter cup, but the added Nutella brings in a different type of nuttiness and sweetness to the classic combination. 
This particular set of ingredients is a good mix, but if you aren't a nut person or if you want to get creative, the same method of layering chocolate can be used with any filling (ie. raspberry preserves, or roasted almonds.)
Feel free to adjust the type of chocolate, as well. We used very dark chocolate, because we are purists, but a nice hazelnut chocolate bar would go wonderfully with a Nutella filling...
Ingredients(makes 4 PeaNutella cups):
  • About 2 Cups of Melted Chocolate
  • Filling of choice, we used (4 spoons) peanut butter (f)
  • Nutella (4 dollops)
  • Aluminum Foil for the cups

  1. Push squares of foil into the cap of the peanut butter to form the cups
  2. Melt half of the chocolate and pour it, in even amounts, into the foil cups. Shake each cup to even out the chocolate layer

3. Place the chocolate cups in your mini-fridge/freezer until the chocolate is hard

4. Spread a spoonful of peanut butter over the chocolate and then add a layer of Nutella. Make sure to leave the edges of the chocolate uncovered.

5. Melt the second half of your chocolate and pour it over.

6. Put all of the cups in the fridge again until cooled and then enjoy!

When made with dark chocolate, these can be a little overwhelming. This can be a wonderful thing for people who like strong, nearly dehydrating desserts. For the more standard sweet-tooth, however, we suggest using milk chocolate instead or replacing the filling, maybe with mint frosting or a fruit preserve!

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