Even though we are avid coffee drinkers (check out our method for making the perfect dorm room coffee), we also love high tea! It is a lovely british tradition filled with pastries, adorable savory dishes, and of course- fantastic tea. 
Although we cannot possibly compete with the glorious high teas that we've seen on Downton Abbey, we found a way to host our very own dorm-scale high tea- complete with traditional sides: a personal sized Ham and Spinach Quiche, Cranberry-Walnut Scones, and cucumber tea sandwiches!
The Quiche and Scones are fairly complicated recipes, and detailed instructions can be found on other posts. However, the cucumber sandwiches are not only adorable, but are ridiculously easy to make. We combined cucumbers, butter, and white bread (all foraged from our dining hall) and cut them into triangles. Served up with our other treats, we had a perfectly respectable high tea! 

Cucumber sandwiches:
2 pieces white bread, trimmed into a square (f)
1 tsp (1 pat) butter (f)
1/2 cup sliced cucumber (f)

1. Spread butter on both pieces of bread
2. Slice cucumber into thin, rectangular pieces
3. Layer cucumber slices between buttered bread, and cut into triangles
Serve with tea, and enjoy!

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