Guess what? Spring is coming! It was 60 degrees and sunny today, and the snow is just starting to melt off the quad.
We've decided to celebrate the weather with a spring-themed recipe: Vietnamese Spring Rolls. 
Unlike deep fried chinese spring rolls, vietnamese spring rolls are served cold and made with a clear rice paper wrapper. (The rice wrappers can be purchased in packs of 100 for around 5$, and come pre-cooked. Just soak in water and they are ready to roll.) As their name suggests, spring rolls are light and crisp: a perfect savory snack for a spring afternoon. 
Spring rolls are generally made with some combination of lettuce, carrots, rice noodles, and chicken/shrimp/tofu. We chose to use make vegetarian spring rolls with tofu, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, and wonton crisps from the salad bar. We paired our spring rolls with our Thai peanut sauce (yes, we mixed ethnic regions), and they tasted fantastic! The peanut sauce added an element of richness to the light vegetables, and the mixture of sweet and savory flavors is always delicious. 
Ingredients (Makes 4 spring rolls)
4 rice paper wrappers*
handful carrots(f)
1/4 cup cucumber(f)
4-5 tofu cubes(f)
A few leaves lettuce(f)
1/4 cup wonton crisps(f)
1. Slice carrots and cucumbers. Cut tofu into small chunks. Rip lettuce into pieces. 
2. Fill large bowl half way with a mixture of boiling and cool water. Final temp should be warm, but not steaming. 
2. Dip rice paper into water so that half of circle is submerged spin to wet completely. Rice paper should be translucent and stretchy.
3. Put damp rice paper on plate and place a piece of lettuce lengthwise down center of wrapper. Add a few pieces each of: tofu, cucumber, carrots, and wonton crisps, also directed lengthwise.
5. Cover with another piece of lettuce
6. Fold rice paper like a burrito: fold up base width-wise over end of lettuce roll, and then bring one side of paper up lengthwise over the center lettuce. Roll the paper so that it covers the filling. Finally, fold remaining side of paper over the exposed end. 
7. Cut in half and serve with peanut sauce
Liz Wee
3/9/2012 13:38:42

Yum! Looking forward to other useful recipes for the remaining 90+ wrappers!?

3/23/2012 13:23:22

THX for info

4/24/2012 06:48:36

THX for info

9/27/2012 20:40:29

Many thanks for details


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